With all SOUP projects we aim to demonstrate a collaborative approach to our built environment that explores the key elements we believe are necessary for successful architecture:

1. Unlocking opportunities

We are able to understand the potential of under valued sites. Where an off the shelf product doesn’t fit, we are able to develop possibilities using bespoke solutions.

2. Transforming the ordinary

Whether a family requires more space for storage, or a company requires additional office space to expand their business, the built environment needs to change, adapt and improve over time.

3. Maximising limited space

We believe quality design is extracted from the most restricted design parameters. Challenging sites and briefs offer the most rewarding opportunities.

4. In with the old + in with the new

Almost all projects have to fit within an established streetscape or landscape. We believe successful buildings sit harmoniously into their surroundings.

5. Sustainable solutions

In every part of the process, we need to consider the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the built environment we are designing. From passive cooling techniques, to managing the impact of site activity, a sustainable approach is a key element to our thinking.