194 - Peabody


Islington, London

Peabody Trust

Project type:



Our proposals for a North London site containing abandoned garages provide 8 residential units stretched the length of the site to provide defined end elevations to the streets, north and south and a soft middle that engages with the adjoining Peabody buildings to the east.

Set over four floors, the proposals create a repeat plan, subtly changing from ground level to above in response to its integration within the site and wider context. Respecting the presence of the public house to the west of the site, the stand alone building is shaped to maximise external public and private amenity areas and provides well orientated spaces internally that engages with its context in all directions.

Huge importance has been placed on integrating the new building with the neighbouring residential block with shared access provided from the street to create a linear north/south public space with an open vertical circulation core. Front entrance doors to each units are direct from the open landings to maintain a communal connection to the linear public realm. The internal arrangement positions the 4no 2-bed units on the southern end of the building and 4no 1-bed units on the northern end, angled to maximise morning and afternoon sunlight. The energy efficient building would have a highly insulated external envelope / glazing system. The large roof area allows space for integrating the latest sustainable technologies for the shared benefit of the occupiers and a shallow cross section allows for excellent controlled natural ventilation to each unit.