Competition entry for Ecobuild RIBA Bookshop


Our entry for the 2018 RIBA/Ecobuild Bookshop competition. Although we didn't win this time, we had fun putting together the design and producing the visuals.

External View

Our vision for the RIBA Bookshop & Lounge in association with Rockwool and Rockpanel has been developed around a highly visible, acoustically mediated information hub. We also have applied our experience of designing pavilion retreats to propose a tranquil escape from the noise and energy of the main exhibition whilst being visually connected to its surroundings and the performance space.

The bookshelves are constructed of Rockpanel products of vibrant colours and textures to show the cladding product in its best light.

The stand will be an eye-catching and innovative destination at Ecobuild.

Internal VIew