306 - West Riding


Seer Green, Buckinghamshire


Structural Engineer:
BTA Structural Design

M&E Consultants:
P3r Engineers

Quantity Surveyor:
Robert Lombardelli Partnership

CDM Advisors:
Andrew Goddard Associates

Main Contractor:



Planning approval received for a new dwelling in rural Buckinghamshire.

The replacement dwelling will comprise lower ground floor basement, ground floor and first floor accommodation. Bedrooms have been split between the lower basement level and first floor, with living spaces mainly located on the principle ground floor entrance level. The main entrance offers a central, top lit staircase linking to all levels and garden connections to the east and west are maximised and the internal layout shaped to offer excellent levels of controlled daylight and sunlight to all areas of the house.

The new dwelling will complement the established qualities of the site and respect the setting within the surrounding area. The house is of contemporary design with simple clean lines and utilises modern materials of predominantly vertical cladding and large areas of glazing. The building is made up of a number of different elements with varying heights to break up the bulk of the building across the 3 levels to create a form that merges the house into the undulating landscape.

The floor space has been designed to incorporate the majority of space at the lower ground floor basement level, which is formed by excavating part of the site to the east and west of the existing house and utilising the natural slope of the land into the old quarry without increasing the visual bulk of the building when viewed in the wider context.